Why Some Guys are Players and Others aren't

by Shark

When I was young, I used to wonder how the jocks at my school always wreaked of copulation whilst me and my chess club buddies suffered from an unfathomable number of hand calluses. It seemed like an injustice to me; that some guys were naturally born with game and others had to seek solace at pornhub and Victoria's Secret magazines. I used to blame everything. God for not giving me terrifyingly good facial features, my dad for not genetically passing on insidiously lethal babe sniping skills, and my friends for encouraging my addiction to starcraft by praising my micro skills. Undoubtedly a huge percentage of the male population wonders why they don't have game and a small percentage wonders how others don't have what comes so naturally to them.

To understand this difference, I want you to take a look at two guys that I knew growing up who went through almost the same life experiences, but with a very small deviation at a young age which seemed to change everything. Both guys had similar family's, went to the same schools (until college) and were of the same cultural heritage. Their life styles were almost identical, they both played the same sports, got into the same video games, hung out with the same people, were best friends, had the same grades in school yada yada yada.

In 6th grade, guy A asked out a girl. The girl was dared by one of her friends to say yes. Guy A has no idea, he just thought she liked him. They began a playful relationship. Guy A became a bit more confident, and high on his apparent success with girls. After she dumps him 3 weeks later, he asks out another girl. She says no but it doesn't bother him because he knows he CAN get girls, it's not an impossibility, he's already gotten one. He asks out 3 other girls, the third one finally says yes. Again, he's high off of his success. His confidence develops, the relationships he is in during his youth teach him how to flirt, be playful, and not take girls seriously. Having a feel for multiple vaginas, he doesn't develop any type of serious Oneitis when he goes to Highschool. He gets laid several times in high school, he seems to have natural game. By the time he's in college, his dick experiences more pussy than most Tampon wholesalers. He grows up into an Alpha Male, a true player in the game.

In 6th grade, guy B asked out a girl but her friend dared her to say no and laugh at him. She scoffs at his attempts to woe her to fulfill her dare. The experience is mortifying for guy B. He draws mystified conclusions about why he must have failed so badly, perhaps he was actually ugly and his mother had been lying to him all these years. He avoids asking out the second girl he likes, out of fear of another brutal rejection. The pattern continues as he supplements his own negative mentality with his experiences. He's trapped in a self-fulfilling prophecy. He thinks he can't get girls, so he avoids them. Then he rationalizes his avoidance by thinking he's just an ugly loser with no chance at getting a girl to like him. He goes through high school a virgin, never being able to break free from his beta mentality. His negativity evolves into an unusually grotesque neural disease, manifesting itself as different social phobias and anxieties. He comes into college desperate for pussy. He develops Oneitis on a girl that he thinks he "loves." Out of alienated sympathy, she says yes to him. They go out for 6 months then she cheats on him to ride an Alpha cock. He gets married at 25 to the first girl that really ever liked him. She leaves him with a kid and a monthly child support bill for a jerk who fuks her better. The rest of the story is self-explanatory. (Eventually he finds this blog and becomes a super-hero)

Do you know why educational programs like Jumpstart pay so much attention to building self-esteem in youths? Because it has been found that in most people, self-esteem for the rest of their life gets pre-determined before they even become a teenager.

A small difference in experience bred two completely different men. Why? because of the power of cyclic thought. For guy A, a positive experience created a positive loop. Positive experience ==> positive thoughts ==> positive actions ==> positive experience

For Guy B, the opposite happened. Negative experience ==> negative thoughts ==> negative actions ==> negative experiences.

Our mind functions in loops and most of our life experiences are self-fulfilling prophecies. "As you think, you shall become." What you need to get out of this story is that you are NOT NATURALLY INCAPABLE OF ANYTHING. If you think you don't have game, that's probably why you don't have game. Do you remember how everyone in school used to hate math besides a handful of students? That's because most people grow up thinking "I suck at math." Their resentment for problem solving flourishes, and their belief solidifies when they end up failing a math test in middle school. They DO end up being bad at math, and they falsely associate their failure with their lack of natural intelligence.

The moral of the story is, you CAN have game, if you BELIEVE you have game. You CAN be an Alpha Male, if you BELIEVE you're an Alpha Male. Cliche's aside, you CAN do anything that you BELIEVE you can do. It's amazing how the childhood proverbs we learn end up being the most amazing advice we get in our lives, but get tossed aside because we never take them seriously

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