What is life?

by Anty

Life is god gave to the human experience wonderful world of opportunity, is a complicated process of worldly change-after host.

Life, is the basic necessities, is combat climb. Is fiends love evil desire, is the daily necessities sauce vinegar tea.

Life is all inventions creation power and resource, is all struggle of purpose and end-result. Is the reason of the existence of the society, but also the social development purposes?

Life is a cup of wine. Sometimes as fire burning hot like white wine, let person indulge revel; Sometimes like red wine styles, meaning long as fragrant, Sometimes like beer as cool and refreshing, through muscle shut bone, Sometimes again like a wine fragrance pub, yang in jet her god.

Life is a symphony. Sometimes vehement bold and unrestrained, sometimes tactfully melodious, Sometimes such as ten, sometimes it's quiet; Sometimes such as sand Man Juan, with thunder and lightning, sometimes if blue sky, Lang Ran picturesque.

It has been said that life is an endless misery. In fact, it is a cup of strong coffee. We bitter aftertaste. People always resistance among Life experience is like for coffee grinding, when we will run for broken hard fought stubbornly foams, just can more abstruse feel bitter after the mellow. Without Xing wind chill rain caress, that knows the beautiful sunshine green trees. No thorns sandstone the mill, which come the comfortable and easy and comfortable life. No pain, no life without suffering is not complete life.

Life is a season full of wonder and mystery journey. Life itself is a miracle, the natural world beauty of beautiful hue lung is a miracle, Earth, in all its complexity is a miracle, Life in every innovation, and is moving miracle. Everyone's life is a legend. And unknown life, never were some mystical maze, don't know is strange or risks, unpredictable come woe or blessing. Everything is in irregular change, and time in restructuring. In life, as in chess bureau, life such as Sichuan peaks.

Life is a play. Every man is master in the play, each person is demonstrably tourists. Have a plenty of relaxed comedy, Have a plenty of take tears of tragedy. Have a plenty of prelude just since Shoran ending soap operas, Have a plenty of long-sleeved dancing the climactic showdown in series. Some "play" became a never ending classic; some drama is light, in a hurry, and even if a breeze intermittently radiant.

Life is a competition. Is physical counterbalance is the wisdom of the game, is the counsel of the contest, and is of the forces of the title. Is a game for the Levites who gather to scatter the vertical and horizontal low closing, Is an inviting all scream, shout, the challenge contest sigh, Is the winner of the xingguangdadao, a loser is the Madison elegy.

Life, sometimes mountain laugh water laugh, song of happiness, 000 wood is sometimes heaven and earth of sorrow; ChouChangBaiJie diffused, Sometimes is flower mix honey's favors, sometimes is the house leaks and well rain of bad luck, Sometimes the applause of thunder Yapping gathers, sometimes home suddenly as strangers, single bear alone. Sometimes is amazing platform, is sometimes clamp live feet chains, sometimes is inspiring anticipation, is sometimes manned rig fen of despair.

Life, it is namely ego and amorists of a kind of social interaction, is a kind of harmonious resonance blend. Who can utter, interactive, only has the vigor, harmonious happiness just. However, some people to oneself live, incredibly don't let others live. Then a shameless of stealing the kidnapping, had suction people fat food people blood corrupt official, had humanity war. Have the artillery fire burned fertile soil, have blood buried ghost. Greed mare is the miserable life maker; empire hegemony is the world people of the disaster. Human call peace, people look forward to peaceful and tranquil life.

About the Author

I am Anty, in the present daily life, we have missed a lot, and have lost a lot, how to make our lives do not regret it as much as possible, we should think about. In addition, you can focus Tory Burch Shoes Sale and Tory Burch Sale and Tory Burch Boots