Play in Style with Wood Chess Sets

by Groshan Fabiola

Among the unbelievably immense varieties of games that we play, chess happens to be the ultimate game, as it requires skill and technique. Many people all over the world are quite fond of this game and the style of a chess set does matter a lot to them. While creating chess sets, various types of materials are used to give it a beautiful look. Wood, marble, pewter, and glass are just some of the most commonly used materials for chess sets. If you shop around a bit, you can find chess sets that are treated as antique pieces. And nowadays, with the help of modern technology, chess set manufacturers are able to create wonderful chess sets.

When searching for the best chess set around, you can take a look at the ivory chess sets. Getting hold of an ivory chess set might equal spending thousands of dollars, as this kind of chess sets are not to be found just about anywhere. Wood is among the preferred materials for a chess set, and different types of wood are used to enhance the beauty of the set. You can have a look at some antique chess sets that are made of wood, and decide upon one of them. It is safe to say that such antique wood chess sets are quite inexpensive, especially if you take into account their high quality and beautiful style. The main advantages of having a chess set made of wood include attractiveness, long-term usability and few demands for maintenance.

Another common material used in creating a chess set is glass. Glass chess sets come in a wide range of designs and styles, along with exact functionality. Some glass chess sets are made of hand blown glass and have a notable disadvantage: they are easily breakable. A chess set made of solid glass is much stronger, and is available in different attractive colors that depend on quality of the glass. Nowadays, you can even get a custom-made glass chess set. When it comes to style and durability, there seems to be nothing better than marble. Marble chess sets are mostly prepared for outdoor use, for they are able to withstand any weather condition. This type of chess sets is widely available, and it is used for both playing and display.

Prior to purchasing a particular chess set, you should to pay attention to some basic aspects. For instance, you should make sure that the pieces are made of the same material as the board. Avoid purchasing extra large pieces or too small ones; you need to match the board and the pieces. While buying a chess set, you are able to bargain and get the set that suits your budget. A very cheap set might not last for a long time, so you need to be careful about the quality. You should able to tell the difference yourself.

You also need to make up your mind about the kind of set you are looking for. Have you thought of the place where you will be keeping it? It can be either the closet or your center table, in which case it is better to get a wooden set. In case you are a hobbyist, you should probably pay more attention to the durability of the chess set of your choice, and less to its style.