A Brief Description of Chess Boards

by Groshan Fabiola

When it comes to mind games, chess is undoubtedly at the top of the list. This game has been around for more than sixteen hundred years. To this day, chess is one of the most popular games among people of all ages. The game includes kings, queens, and soldiers who fight for victory. This interpretation of chess pieces may seem a bit funny, but these are the kinds of pieces we play with. People who are familiar with this game are aware of the extent to which this game helps increase the sharpness of mind. This is a common game among the military, as it helps them come up with strategic approaches.

The game is based on mathematical techniques, and you need to defeat the opponent's king in order to win. This is known as checkmate. You might think that it is an easy task, but you should not be too relaxed unless you are very aware of the technical moves. It goes without saying that chess boards are indispensable to a game of chess. Unless there is a chess board, the game or 'battle' cannot start. Chess boards have sixty-four squares that come in a format of eight rows and eight columns. The squares come in two different colors, black and white. However, the squares on the chess boards used in competitions are normally off-white and dark green.

The materials are used to create these chess boards are of different types. The competition chess boards are usually made of wood. Informal chess boards are made of cardboard or vinyl. You are also able to find chess boards made of marble or glass, but they are not used in competitive or high-level games. Chess boards that are sold in normal gift stores often come with a combination of red and black squares, along with the pieces that we use in our home.

Such types of chess boards are not accepted in high-level games. If you look carefully, you will see that the square on extreme row on the right is white. When it comes to size, chess boards are generally proportional with the pieces. The average size of the squares is between 50mm and 60mm. When it comes to the design, chess boards are available in both simple and complex format.

You must know that students are taught how to create a chess board. The sizes of the squares are set according to the king's base size. Of all the chess pieces, the king is the largest piece and therefore it will have the largest diameter. You probably know that the squares of a chess board are bigger in size in comparison to the pieces. In fact, the squares of a chess board need to be thirty three percent larger than the king's base diameter. You may like a particular chess board but not the pieces of the same chess set. However, for aesthetical and quality reasons, it is best that you opt for a set and not for individual chess boards and chess pieces. For instance, if you decide to purchase a chess board made of rosewood, it is advisable that you get the rosewood chess pieces as well.